One Belief :
A good brand is driven by one core belief or set of beliefs that drive its actions.

Brand Strategy

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In this first, official meeting with the client we identify their long term goals in addition to their progress in and problems currently associated with achieving them.

Research & Development

During this second phase of Strategy, we research quantitative and qualitative information about the client and use this to solve problems discovered in Facilitation…


Positioning is how the client's audience perceives them within a given market. This is vital to successfully approaching the Brand Identity design phase, later on.

Assets Offered :

Competitor Analysis Worksheet
Client Differentiators Worksheet
Public Perception Worksheet
Customer Segmentation involves determining exactly who a client's target audience is so that they can be properly targeted and as a result, reached.

Assets Offered :

Focus Group
User Survey
User Testing
User Profile Infographic
User Journey Infographic

Customer Segmentation

Brand Audit

The Brand Audit involves a thorough examination of the client's current Brand Identity and Application usage, if existent. Problems will be found and resolved.

Assets Offered :

Brand Identity Needs List
Brand Identity Scales Infographic
Expert Analysis
User Survey
User Testing
Focus Group


Each step of the Brand Strategy phase is carefully documented and presented to the client in a comprehensive book deliverable for access both by the client and One.